On-Page Optimization

Research and optimization for one web page.

Suggested price: $100.00


Deliverables Include:

  • Page Optimization Guideline document for 50 pages
    • POP report, analyzing a blended average of the top 10 pages currently ranking in Google for the page’s target keyword
    • Page title and URL
    • H1 and other H-tags
    • Copy review and optimization (edits of existing content)
    • Alt tags on images
    • SEO titles and meta descriptions
    • Technical analysis of page
    • Recommendations for additional page layout and word count elements (if needed)
  • SEO Implementation on-site for 50 pages
    • Updated URLs with redirects
    • H-tags and page titles updated
    • Copy edits implemented (additional copy not incl.)
    • Alt tags added to images
    • SEO titles and meta descriptions added/updated